Board of Directors

Mike Joyce

Executive Director

A prominent figure in Chicago’s sports scene, Mike Joyce has built an impressive legacy through his passion for boxing and unwavering commitment to community service. As the founder and owner of the Chicago Celtic Boxing Club, he has cultivated a thriving environment for young boxers to train and compete.

Mike’s boxing journey began during his teenage years while attending Leo High School, where he honed his skills and excelled in amateur boxing tournaments, including CYO, the Chicago Park District, and the Golden Gloves. Guided by esteemed coaches like Owen Putman, Marty McGarry, Vic Leonard, and Herman Mills, he achieved significant success in the ring and even had the honor of representing Chicago against the Irish National Boxing Team.

After a brief professional boxing career, Mike returned to pursue his law degree. Throughout law school, he continued his involvement in boxing, actively training, managing, and promoting young boxers. In addition to the Chicago Celtic Boxing Club, Mike manages two other boxing gyms under the Illinois State Crime Commission/Police Athletic League: The Leo HS Boxing Club and West Englewood Boxing Club, both located in Chicago’s inner city.

Community service has been a cornerstone of Mike’s life, as he passionately advocates for raising awareness of the challenges faced by inner-city residents. Through tireless mentoring efforts, he has positively impacted the lives of numerous troubled youths, helping them find new paths, pursue education, and break free from the cycle of urban life.

Mike’s dedication to community and sports extends to his family life as well. He is the proud husband of Jamillah Ali, the daughter of the legendary boxing champ, Muhammad Ali. Together, they cherish their roles as parents to two beautiful daughters, Nadia and Amira, and their son, Jake.

Through his multifaceted endeavors in boxing, law, and community service, Mike Joyce continues to make a profound impact on Chicago’s sporting community and beyond.

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