Class of 2018
Porter Moser

Porter Moser is a prominent figure in collegiate basketball, renowned for his exceptional coaching prowess and dedication to developing young athletes. As the head coach of Loyola University Chicago’s men’s basketball team, Moser achieved widespread acclaim for his leadership and strategic acumen. Under his guidance, the Loyola Ramblers experienced unprecedented success, including a remarkable journey to the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament in 2018. Moser’s coaching philosophy emphasizes teamwork, discipline, and a commitment to excellence both on and off the court. He is celebrated for instilling a culture of resilience and sportsmanship among his players, fostering an environment where individuals can thrive and reach their full potential. Beyond his achievements in coaching, Moser is deeply connected to the Chicagoland community, having made significant contributions to local charitable causes and youth development programs. He is regarded not only as a basketball coach but also as a mentor and role model for aspiring athletes throughout the region.

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