Class of 2022
​Johnny Lujack

Johnny Lujack, an iconic figure in American football history, is best remembered for his remarkable contributions both as a player and a broadcaster. Born on January 4, 1925, in Connellsville, Pennsylvania, Lujack’s athletic prowess was evident from his early years. He gained national acclaim at the University of Notre Dame, where he not only won the Heisman Trophy in 1947 but also led the Fighting Irish to three undefeated seasons and two national championships. Lujack’s professional career was equally distinguished; he played quarterback for the Chicago Bears from 1948 to 1951, where he was known for his strategic thinking and robust playing style. After retiring from professional football, he seamlessly transitioned into broadcasting, providing insightful commentary that endeared him to a new generation of sports fans. Lujack’s legacy is cemented not only by his on-field successes but also by his contributions to sports media, making him a lasting figure in the world of American football.

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