Class of 2023
Devin Hester

Widely regarded as the greatest return specialist of all time, Devin Hester’s impact on the game of football is unparalleled. A Chicago Bear legend, Hester electrified fans with his breathtaking speed and agility, revolutionizing the art of kickoff and punt returns.

During his illustrious career with the Bears, Hester achieved remarkable statistics that cemented his status as a game-changer. He holds the NFL record for most punt return touchdowns at an impressive 14, showcasing his extraordinary ability to turn punts into points. In addition, he is the all-time leader in non offensive touchdowns with 20, a testament to his unmatched skill and instincts on special teams.

One of the most iconic moments in Super Bowl history came when Hester opened Super Bowl XLI with a jaw-dropping 92-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. His electrifying performance set the tone for the game and solidified his reputation as a game-changer on the biggest stage.

Inducted into The Chicagoland Sports Hall of Fame, Devin Hester’s remarkable football career is celebrated. His unique talents, sportsmanship, and relentless determination have left an indelible legacy on the Chicago Bears franchise and the sport of football as a whole. As a true game-changer, Hester’s contributions to the game continue to inspire future generations of athletes.

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