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Ben Kennedy headshot
Ben Kennedy
Brian Campbell playing for Chicago Black Hawks
Brian Campbell
Buck O'Neil
Devin Hester playing for Chicago Bears
Devin Hester
Don Amidei headshot
Don Amidei
Erin Steinbach headshot
Eric Steinbach
Fred Mitchell headshot
Fred Mitchell
Jack McDowell pitching for the White Sox
Jack McDowell
JB Pritkzer
John Randle headshot
John Randle
Julieann Sitch headshot
Julianne Sitch
Mary Wise coaching
Mary Wise
Robert Smith headshot
Robert Smith
Dayne Ron headshot
Ron Dayne
Ronnie Fields headshot
Ronnie Fields
Sister Jean headshot
Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt

Join Us in Celebrating Chicagoland’s Sporting Excellence.

Join us in celebrating Chicagoland’s sporting excellence by supporting the Chicagoland Sports Hall of Fame. Together, we can preserve the legacies of exceptional athletes, coaches, and sports contributors, inspire future generations, and foster a strong sense of community pride.